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"We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing!"
Benjamin Franklin


You Don't Know Me!--Exciting, New Social Party Game!!

CODE: ydkm-game


You Don't Know Me! will revolutionize your social get-togethers forever!  This multi-generational game makes sharing YOU--your interests, your likes and dislikes,  and your life experiences--with your friends and family exciting and fun! Learn to know the people  in your life in a way you never thought possible!

Players take turns asking revealing questions about themselves ranging from
funny (If I've just taken a #2, what will I do to get rid of the smell?)
to thought-provoking (If I'm president of the United States, what law am I most in favor of changing?)
from past (Who was my third grade teacher?) to present (At a party what dish am I most likely to bring?).

With over 500 questions to choose from You Don't Know Me! probes into the depths of each player and  breaks down the walls of conversation to find out exactly who does know you!

This addictively entertaining game is an excellent conversation starter and a great way to muse over your life experiences, relive forgotten memories and humorously revisit your youth! You Don\'t Know Me! is a must-have addition to  any game collection--perfect for game nights, family reunions, holidays, slumber parties, co-worker functions,  or couples outings!

Each game includes: 535 Questions, 6 Answer Boards, 6 Markers, 6 Erasers, and 1 Sheet of Instructions

For 2 or more players! Ages 12 and up!

Type the characters you see in the picture above.

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