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"We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing!"
Benjamin Franklin


You Might Be A Kid For Life! If You:

  1. Still eat cotton candy!
  2. Go roller skating at the skating rink!
  3. Play video games!
  4. Participate in any recreation sports including softball, football, and basketball, but especially kickball and dodgeball!
  5. Still jump on trampolines!
  6. Dress up for Halloween!
  7. Play board games or card games!
  8. Eat snow cones!
  9. Tell “Knock-knock” jokes or laugh at Laffy Taffy® jokes!
  10. Go kayaking, canoeing, or whitewater rafting!
  11. Spend time at the pool (bonus for engaging in a game of “Marco-Polo”)!
  12. Build with Legos®!
  13. Play with Silly Putty®!
  14. Find fine Italian dining in a can of SpaghettiOs®!
  15. Chew bubble gum (bonus for blowing bubbles so big they pop on your face)!
  16. Eat any of the following: Pixie Stix®, Pez®, or Now and Laters®!
  17. Watch cartoons!
  18. Ride roller coasters!
  19. Go snowboarding, skiing, or snowtubing!
  20. Build snowmen!
  21. Participate in snowball fights!
  22. Play laser tag or paintball!
  23. Ride on a snowmobile or jet ski!
  24. Play putt-putt golf!
  25. Own a pair of big fluffy slippers (bonus for animal slippers)!

Keep the checklist growing! Send us your ideas! Your story will be posted on our website and your idea added to the Kid For Life! checklist!



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KidForLife!TM is a revolution encouraging everyone to stay young, have fun, and be a Kid For Life!

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