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"We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing!"
Benjamin Franklin


Share Your Story!

I went on the Kid For Life 1st Annual Float 'n Float and had a blast! Met new people and the root beer floats were awesome! I haven't had one in years! Trisch, 47

I play in an adult dodgeball league!! More fun than when I was a kid and we played in gym class! Brian, 34

During last week's storm, my friends and I went to a nearby ballfield and went sliding in the mud!!! We're in our forties, but we loved it just as much as when we were kids! Keith, 42

I'm 68 years old and I just had my face painted with my grandkids! They loved it, and you know what? So did I!! Megan, 68

According to me--7! I couldn't help myself--I bit right in!! Ben, 32

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